Teja Gend is a photography maker, who actively analyzes people and their surroundings. Her interest in photography is broad — Teja creates fashion portraits, everyday snapshots, landscapes, and technical experiments as well as something that does not fit into a particular box. Essentially, the artist is inspired by conversations, input from other people, and her own observations about the physical world. Additionally, Teja’s projects translate the importance of self-reflection and being present, experiencing life intimately together with a camera in her hands. Both in her fashion and conceptual work, the artist shares her sensitivity to the beauty of simplicity with the viewer. Analog is her most used medium, however, the young maker is still exploring the technical possibilities, such as cross-processing films, and does not stick to one process recipe. Moreover, the physical properties of the photography medium are always in the back of Teja’s mind, so often her work has a physical touch, such as stitching on images, full of sentiments, desires, and personal stories. Her work makes the viewer stop for a second and pay attention to the details.

(Aus)tėja Gend(oliūtė) (2002) is a Rotterdam-based artist, born and raised in the small town of Taurage, Lithuania. Currently, she is studying the Fine Arts Photography course at the Willem de Kooning academy in the city of her residence.

For commissions, requests, collaborations, or other questions reach out via:
︎ (Aus)Tėja Gend(roliūtė)
︎ contact@tejagend.com
*Užklausas Lietuvoje priimu tik vasaros sezonui.

2023 Collective Exhibtion Memory is a Window at Club Centraal Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2023 Collective Exhibition at Banko Rūmai Tauragė, Lithuania

2023 Photography Pop-Up at Lilith Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2020 Collective Exhibition at the Center of Informal Education Vilnius, Lithuania
2019 Personal Exhibition at Santaka Museum Taurage, Lithuania
2017 Photography show To See and Be Seen Taurage, Lithuania
2016 Collective Exhibition Light at Photo Gallery Taurage, Lithuania

Culture Ambassador for Taurage - Lithuania’s Culture Capital 2023, Lithuania
Collective Exhibition/Arts Festival Art is Black 2019, Lithuania
Project Class for Lithuanian Olimpic Committee 2017, Lithuania
Lecture about Photography at the conference You Can Do Everything! 2016, Lithuania

Runner-up of International Photography Contest Young People in the 21st Century 2023 (Group of 20-29 year-olds), Eastern Europe
Photography discipline Europe MArteLive 2021, Northern Europe
Nominee Artist Of The Year 2019 TAJA Taurages Jaunimo Apdovanojimai 2020, Lithuania
Laureate at Lithuanian Schoolchildren's Photography Competition 2020, Lithuania
Winner  Photo series contestCrystal Lens” 2019, Lithuania
Winner Artist Of The Year 2017 TAJA Taurages Jaunimo Apdovanojimai 2018, Lithuania
Nominee Video Clips Contest KlipVid 2017, Lithuania

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